I'd rather be dead.

4:40am // listen here
track list:
brooklyn baby - lana del rey
i sat by the ocean - queens of the stone age
fools good - the stone roses
blitzkrieg bop - the ramones 
astronomy domine - pink floyd
she bands the drums - the stone roses
time of the season - zombies
all day and all of the night - the kinks
adam’s song - blink-182
talking in your sleep - the romantics
you’re gonna go far, kid - the offspring
one for the road - arctic monkeys
by the way - red hot chili peppers
mr. brightside - the killers
shes not there - zombies
do you want a man? - the vaccines
i wanna be sedated - the ramones
the kids arent alright - the offspring
you really got me - the kinks
no one knows - queens of the stone age
would? - alice in chains
very ape - nirvana
hope you like the tunes :)))

reasons why girls don’t like giving blow jobs